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2017 Kennels Winner


“Small friendly kennels catering for the dogs emotional needs as well as their safety security and comfort”

“Charlie & Yvonne really understand the dogs that stay at the kennels & go to great lengths to make sure that the dogs stays are busy & fun . Would highly recommend them & the fact that the kennels are full shows that other did owners think so too”

“Always helpful & friendly and very clean My dog looks forward to visiting tail starts wagging as soon as he realises where he is going!”

“Wouldn't leave my dog anywhere else. Not only are his physical needs met mental stimulation and emotional health are huge considerations during his stay too. Highly qualified and experienced Yvonne and Charlie's kennels are second to none.”

“Yvonne and Charlie are excellent at what they do and always go that extra mile to ensure that your dog is well looked after. I have been using the kennels for my bernese for the past 5 years and would not put them in another kennel as I trust them both explicitly. Yvonne and Charlie always take great care to ensure that they kennels are well kept and very clean. If your dog is taking medication then you can rest assured that they will be given it at the right times.”