Melton Mowbray Leicestershire Website
2017 Dog Friendly Best Town / City Winner


“Melton Mowbray has always been fond of pets but in 2017 this rural Leicestershire town has set out to become the UK’s number one pet friendly town transforming the lives of its residents through a variety of projects that bring pets and people together. Melton Borough Council and local business Mars Petcare have launched a range of initiatives to encourage pet friendly tourism improve the mental and physical health of the town through pets showing how pets can build stronger communities and helping pet owners to care for their furry friends in the best way. WeŸ??re really proud of the campaign and by entering the Dog Friendly awards we want to encourage more towns to become pet friendly. Some of the activities include: The PAW-Some Scheme which launched in June helping owners find out which local businesses are pet-friendly - or PAW-Some. Successful businesses will receive an official PAW-print sticker and be added to a new guide that will help pet owners find pet-friendly businesses in the town. Melton Country Park - Melton Country Park is now even more pet friendly with the installation of new exciting activity trails for both pets and owners to enjoy and increase their physical activity. The Melton Mowbray Pet School - since April the town has been giving local pet owners expert advice on how to keep their pets happy and healthy through evening seminars. Pet Ambassador Programme - Inspiring the next generation of responsible pet owners the programme will reach every primary school in Melton Mowbray. Children will explore four learning zones including Pets as Superheroes and Poo Corner and learn all about how to keep their pets happy and healthy. Pets as Therapy - Later in the year the initiative will see the benefits of pets brought to local residential care and nursing homes by taking Pets as Therapy volunteers and their pets to the residents.”

“I have had mental health issues for a long time and have suffered badly as a result. Melton Mowbray's services found me a flat and have helped me settle into to it well. The council help me when needed. I have for the first time in my life been able to remain stable for a year and independently in that flat. I have also got 2 dogs that are going to be assistance dogs. I have nether had an issue taking them into the shops in Melton Mowbray. They go into the super markets and even gift shops. Where I go they go. They have always been welcomed in kindly like a person. I used to need a lot of involvement from not only social services put the emergency services too. But now I have my flat I feel welcome to Melton Mowbray as a valued community member I have needed no out word support at all. My CPN occasionally sees me but just to check that it's all OK and it is only as a set appointment and not crisis. I have been granted new life my the people at the council by renting me this flat. They key to the flat is my key to new life. Without Melton Borough Council and all the friendly stores in the town I would have nothing and probably would have ended up in so such trouble. I haven't THANKS to Melton Mowbray.”